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Release notes
NLopt manual
License and Copyright

The NLopt library is under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and the copyrights are owned by a variety of authors.

In general, the different code in NLopt comes from different sources, and have a variety of licenses. For example, all of the new code we wrote for NLopt is under the MIT License (which imposes essentially no practical restrictions, and is hence compatible with the LGPL). The combination of all of this software is under the conjunction of the license terms, and in particular they are limited by the most restrictive of the licenses for the portions, which in this case is the LGPL. (The other portions of NLopt are under LGPL-compatible, less-restrictive licenses like the MIT license. So, if your remove the LGPL portions, which are currently code by Ladislav Luksan, the remainder reverts to a looser license.)

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