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Release notes
Meep manual
C++ Tutorial
C++ Reference
License and Copyright

The latest release of Meep is version 0.20.3, which may be downloaded from:

Meep is free software under the GNU GPL and comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind (see the license).

Refer to the Meep release notes to see what's new in this version, and be sure to read the Meep Installation manual for how to compile and install it.

Please subscribe to the meep-announce mailing list to receive a message when Meep is updated:

Precompiled Meep packages for Debian and Ubuntu

A convenient precompiled package of Meep is also available in Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, specifically as the meep package (currently only in Debian testing or unstable):

We highly recommend using Debian or Ubuntu, as in Debian or Ubuntu the Meep software and all of its dependencies can be installed simply by typing one line:

apt-get install meep h5utils

You can also install the parallel version of Meep using:

apt-get install meep-mpi

(Currently, the Debian meep-mpi package uses MPICH, so if you want to use Open MPI then you need to build your own.)

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