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Here, we describe what has changed between releases of the [[libctl]] package. You can also refer to the <code>NEWS</code> file in the libctl package (or the <code>ChangeLog</code> file for a more detailed listing). Here, we describe what has changed between releases of the [[libctl]] package. You can also refer to the <code>NEWS</code> file in the libctl package (or the <code>ChangeLog</code> file for a more detailed listing).
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 +==libctl 3.2.1==
 +<small>8 August 2012</small>
 +* Fix incorrect <code>gh_symbol2newstr</code> macro replacement.
==libctl 3.2== ==libctl 3.2==

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Here, we describe what has changed between releases of the libctl package. You can also refer to the NEWS file in the libctl package (or the ChangeLog file for a more detailed listing).


libctl 3.2.1

8 August 2012

  • Fix incorrect gh_symbol2newstr macro replacement.

libctl 3.2

20 July 2012

  • Now works with Guile version 2.x (older versions are still supported).
  • Add libctl_quiet variable to main.c so that libctl-using programs can suppress all output if desired (e.g. to avoid duplicate outputs on parallel machines).
  • Added wedge object type for circular/cylindrical wedges, as a subclass of cylinder: (make wedge (center ...) (axis ...) (radius ...) ...) with two new properties: (wedge-angle ...) for the angle in radians, and (wedge-start v) for a vector v such that the wedge angles start at zero in the (v, axis) plane. [Caveat: subpixel averaging is currently inaccurate for the flat wedge edges.]
  • list-type constructors now accept either (name ...elements...) or (name (list ...elements...)).
  • Add vector3->exact function for to-integer rounding. Otherwise, ensure that interpolation results are floating-point to prevent type-conversion errors.
  • Added ctl-set-prompt! to set interactive prompt in both old and new Guile versions.
  • Rename string to char* in ctl-io.h for C++ compatibility.
  • Bug fix in normal-to-object near corners of blocks.

libctl 3.1

5 June 2008

  • Support specifying the location of the guile and guile-config programs with GUILE and GUILE_CONFIG environment variables in the configure script.
  • Support for calling NLopt optimization library (also requires the program using libctl to be changed to link nlopt).
  • New ellipsoid_overlap_with_object function, analogous to box_overlap_with_object function.
  • Bug fix in include function for recent versions of Guile, to properly keep track of the current include directory.
  • Bug fix in numerical-derivative routine, which didn't converge when the error was exactly zero.

libctl 3.0.3

27 February 2008

  • Added "begin-timed" function, which is similar to "begin-time" except that it returns the value of the last statement (like "begin") rather than the time.
  • Bug fix: allow classes to have boolean properties.
  • Bug fixes for compilation under C++, thanks to David Foster: include missing string.h header and fixed gh_new_procedure prototype.

libctl 3.0.2

22 August 2006

  • Fix minor Guile incompatibility on some systems.

libctl 3.0.1


  • Change shared-library version to 3:0:0 instead of 0:0:0. This avoids conflicts with shared library version numbers that has been assigned to earlier versions of libctl for Debian; thanks to Josselin Mouette for the suggestion.

libctl 3.0


  • Switch to use automake and libtool. Can now install shared libraries with --enable-shared.
  • License is now GNU GPL (v2 or later) rather than the GNU LGPL, due to use of third-party GPL code for multi-dimensional integration (below).
  • gen-ctl-io now supports separate generation of code and header files via --code and --header arguments. (Better for parallel make.) Also support a -o option to give a different output file name.
  • gen-ctl-io can now export C++ code by using the --cxx flag.
  • gen-ctl-io can now export SWIG .i files for automatic type conversion in SWIG wrapper generation, using the --swig flag.
  • Backwards incompatible change: users must include their own ctl-io.h *before* ctlgeom.h, or you get ctlgeom-types.h instead (this is for use with the "stand-alone" libctlgeom.a library below.
  • New multi-dimensional integration routines using adaptive cubature. (Much more efficient than nested 1d integrations.) Adapted in part from the HIntlib Library by Rudolf Schuerer and from the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) by Brian Gough.
  • New interpolate-uniform function that tries to maintain a uniform distance between points (i.e. variable number of interpolated points between different list elements, as needed).
  • Now install a "stand-alone" libctlgeom.a library to make it easier to call geometry routines from non-Scheme code.
  • New routines to compute overlap fraction of box with object, compute analytical normal vectors, etcetera. (For upcoming versions of Meep and MPB.) Also new routines to get the object of a point, not just the material. Also new routines to operate on a supplied geometry list parameter instead of using the global; unlike the old material_of_point_in_tree functions, these functions do not shift the argument to the unit cell, but you can use the new function shift_to_unit_cell to get this behavior.
  • gen-ctl-io now generates object equal/copy functions.
  • In unit-vector3, only return 0 when norm==0, not merely if it is small.
  • Added one-sided numerical derivative routine.
  • Define "verbose?" variable corresponding to main.c variable.
  • (print) calls (flush-all-ports) to keep C and Scheme I/O in sync.
  • Fix in find-root-deriv to prevent infinite loop in some cases where the root does not exist; thanks to XiuLun Yang for the bug report.
  • Bug fix in make_hermitian_cmatrix3x3; thanks to Mischa Megens.

libctl 2.2


  • Added simple trapezoidal-rule adaptive numeric integration routine.
  • Numerical derivative routines now allow numerical differentation of vector-valued function. Added deriv2 convenience routine.
  • Added find-root-deriv functions for faster root-finding of functions for which the derivative is also available.
  • Added missing (cvector3 ...) constructor, and fixed corresponding constructor for cvector3 object properties; thanks to Doug Allan for the bug report.
  • Added generic 'memoize' function.
  • libctl programs now print out command-line parameters when they run.
  • Fixed incomplete support for generic SCM type.
  • Fixed to work with Guile 1.5+ (thanks to Mike Watts for the bug report).

libctl 2.1


  • Bug fix: complex-number input variables were read as garbage if they had imaginary parts; does not affect complex-number outputs.
  • Added generic SCM type for i/o variables and parameters, as a catch-all for other Scheme objects.
  • main.c now has ctl_export_hook (enabled by defining CTL_HAVE_EXPORT_HOOK) with which to define additional Guile symbols.
  • gen-ctl-io: converts "!" in symbols to "B" in C identifiers.

libctl 2.0


  • New set-param! function, analogous to define-param, that allows you to change the value of a parameter in a way that can still be overridden from the command line.
  • In libgeom, allow user to specify the resolution instead of the grid-size. New no-size support in lattice class to reduce dimensionality, and new (get-grid-size) function.
  • Support for Scheme complex numbers, along with a few new associated functions: conj, vector3-cdot, matrix3x3-adjoint.
  • New functions to compute numerical derivatives using Ridder's method of polynomial extrapolation.
  • Documented object-property-value; thanks to Theis Peter Hansen for the suggestion.
  • Get rid of unneeded make-default, and use consistent syntax for define-property and define-post-processed-property, compared to define-input-var. Not backward compatible (for developers; users are not affected). Thanks to Theis Peter Hansen for the suggestion.
  • Call ctl_stop_hook even with --help, --version, etcetera; this makes the behavior nicer e.g. with MPI.

libctl 1.5


  • geometry-lattice now has a separate basis-size property, so that you can specify the basis vectors as being something other than unit vectors.
  • More functions are tail-recursive, helping to prevent stack overflows; thanks to Robert Sheldon for the bug report.
  • New fold-left and fold-right functions, documented in the manual.
  • The configure script now checks that guile is in the $PATH. Thanks to Bing Li and Giridhar Malalahalli for their bug reports.

libctl 1.4.1


  • Support function lists.

libctl 1.4


  • Renamed display-many function to more felicitous print and added print-ok? global variable that allows you to disable program output.
  • Added support for passing 'function types back and forth (just a SCM object pointing to a Scheme function).
  • Cosmetic fixes to yes/no? and menu-choice interaction functions.
  • Support start/exit hooks for use e.g. with MPI.

libctl 1.3


  • Added improved "subplex" multidimensional optimization algorithm (for maximize-multiple and minimize-multiple).
  • Documented vector3-x, vector3-y, vector3-z functions for extracting vector3 components.

libctl 1.2


  • Added new cone geometric object type.
  • Added reciprocal->cartesian, cartesian->lattice, lattice->reciprocal, etcetera functions to libgeom for converting vectors between bases.
  • Added routines rotate-vector3 and rotation-matrix3x3 for rotating vectors.
  • Added support for returning lists from external functions.
  • Fixed bug in matrix3x3-inverse function.
  • Fixed bug in find-root for converging to negative roots.
  • Use Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm for multi-dimensional minimization (it seems to be more robust than the old routine).

libctl 1.1.1


  • Use CPPFLAGS environment variable instead of the less-standard INCLUDES to pass -I flags to the configure script (for header files in non-standard locations).
  • Compilation fixes. We need to set SHELL in the Makefile for make on some systems. Also added rule to insure ctl-io.h is created before main.c is compiled. Thanks to Christoph Becher for the bug reports.

libctl 1.1


  • geom: radius and height of objects is now permitted to be zero.
  • geom: material_of_point_* routines now report whether the point is in any object; necessary for use with MPB 0.9.
  • Added man page for gen-ctl-io, based on a contribution by James R. Van Zandt.

libctl 1.0.1


  • geom: handle case where ensure-periodicity is false.
  • geom: bug fix in geometric-objects-lattice-duplicates for non-orthogonal lattices; thanks to Karl Koch for the bug report.

libctl 1.0


  • Initial public release.
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