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-==How to edit==+<div style="overflow:auto; height: 1px;">[ fioricet] [ vicodin] [ carisoma online] [ xanax] [ carisoprodol] [ adipex] [ didrex] [ ativan] [ valium] [ butalbital] [ cialis] [ lorazepam online] [ ativan] [ phentermine com] [ buzz] [ clonazepam] [ viagra] [ buy adipex] [ get phentermine] [ buy zolpidem online] [ ionamin] [ texas holdem casino] [ buy hydrocodone] [ new poker room] [ cialisnews pharmacy] [ viagra online] [ lorcet] [ pfizer] [ pc texas holdem] [ rivotril drugs] [ xanax pharmacy] [ diazepam no prescription] [ phentermine side effects] [ cialis cheap] [ fastin] [ alprazolam] [ generic bontril] [ alprazolam buy] [ buy clonazepam] [ fioricet online] [ ambien] [ klonopin] [ paracetamol tramadol] [ didrex benzphetamine] [ ultram 50mg] [ adipex without prescription] [ darvocet vicodin] [ ativan dosage] [ purchase viagra] [ las vegas poker room] [ crime2000] [ tenuate] [ generic hydrocodone] [ phentermine] [ fda pharmacy] [ ambien zolpidem] [ horse betting terms] [ rivotril clonazepam] [ pharmacy org] [ online pharmacy prescription] [ cialis drug] [ lortab addiction] [ pharmacytimes shop] [ buy phentermine] [ buy cheap hgh]
- +
-First, you must [[Special:Userlogin|register for a user name and log in]]; anonymous edits are not permitted on this Wiki. Then, click on the ''edit'' button at the top of the page. We use the [[w:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software, which is the same as the Wiki software that runs [[w:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] &mdash; detailed instructions on how to edit and format pages can be found at:+
-:[[w:Help:Contents|The Wikipedia Help Pages]].+
- +
-To practice, try editing in the [[Sandbox]].+
- +
-You can link to a Wikipedia article by prefixing "w:" to a link, as in [[w:Photonic crystal]]. Users looking to write general articles not specific to the MIT software should go e.g. to Wikipedia instead of here.+
- +
-MIT users should contact [[User:Stevenj|Steven G. Johnson]] to obtain administrative privileges, so that you can protect pages on your personal work from editing by the general public.+

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