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Please cite MPB in any publication for which you found it useful, thanks!

The preferred citation for MPB is our paper on MPB and related topics:

Or, in BibTeX format:

  author =       {Johnson, Steven~G. and Joannopoulos, J.~D.},
  title =        {Block-iterative frequency-domain methods for Maxwell's equations in a planewave basis},
  journal =      {Opt. Express},
  year =         2001,
  volume =       8,
  number =       3,
  pages =        {173--190},
  url =  { }

If you want a one-sentence description of the algorithm for inclusion in a publication, we recommend:

Fully-vectorial eigenmodes of Maxwell's equations with periodic boundary conditions were computed by preconditioned conjugate-gradient minimization of the block Rayleigh quotient in a planewave basis, using a freely available software package [ref].
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