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Release notes
Meep manual
C++ Tutorial
C++ Reference
License and Copyright

Welcome to the manual for Meep, our free software for time-domain electromagnetic simulations. This manual is organized into the following sections.

  • Introduction — basic concepts in time-domain simulations; the FDTD method; units in Meep.
  • Installation — how to install Meep (mainly, this consists of installing various prerequisites).
  • Tutorial — tutorial showing some simple computations with Meep. See also Meep examples.
  • Reference — a compact listing of all the functions available in the scripting interface.
  • C++ Tutorial — a tutorial introduction to using Meep as a C++ library.
  • C++ Reference — a compact listing of the functions available in the C++ interface.
  • Acknowledgements — a list of authors who have contributed to Meep, and those to whom we are grateful for supporting the development of Meep.
  • License and Copyright — the license under which Meep is distributed as free software, and also referencing suggestions.
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