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Only upload images that you created yourself (i.e. you own the copyright for). Please say this explicitly in the image description, e.g.:

  • Image created by me, James Clerk Maxwell, 1864; permission granted for use in this wiki.

(Permission to use in this wiki is implicitly assumed whenever you upload something, but it is good to be explicit.)

Better, grant permission under a free license such as the GFDL, GPL, or a Creative Commons license. To do this, add one of the following tags:

  • {{GFDL}} — GNU Free Documentation License
  • {{CC}} — Creative Commons sharealike/attribution license.

Alternatively, if you know for certain that an image is under a free license, e.g. it is from the w:Wikipedia Commons, then you can upload it if you provide information about where you got it and what license it is under. BY DEFAULT, an image you find online is not free to use.

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