cvs2darcs is a script to check out a CVS repository module and convert it to use the Darcs version control system. In order to use it, you must have the cvsps utility installed (cvsps version 2.0 or later is strongly recommended). The latest version is:

cvs2darcs is free software under the GNU GPL. It was written by David Roundy, Ganesh Sittampalam, and Steven G. Johnson.

Installation and Use

To install cvs2darcs, do the usual ./configure && make install. Or, you can just run ./configure and run ./cvs2darcs directly out of the source directory.

Once it is configured/installed, you can import a CVS module project by running cvs2darcs project. This will check out project into a new directory project and convert the directory into a Darcs repository.

There are a number of options, such as -d cvsroot to specify the CVS root directory cvsroot, which are described in detail by the cvs2darcs man page. See also the Converting from CVS Wiki page and the cvs2darcs README.